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urgeent. u.s. and allied forces firing on libya igniting the biggest international military effort since the iraq war. this is a special edition of the fox report. new images showing u.s. navy ships firing missiles at qaddafi air defenses and teeping up with britain,itiny and canada all to support a rebel uprising in that country. it appears on the verge of defeat. secretary of state hillary clinton said left unchecked qaddafi will commit unspeakable atrocities . the first shots coming from french fighter jets. a plane shot down over the outskirts of benghazi bursting in flames . crashed and sending thick black smoke in the sky. rebels, cheering and celebrating as international forces move in tryying to protect them. so far 112 cruz missiles launched near tripoli. we have fox news team coverage on the ground . mike emanuel is traveling with the president in brazil and steve first in tripoli. steve, any reaction from qaddafi to the air trikes? >>reporter: john, what we heard from qaddafi in the past several days. one of defiance and he said he will retaliate against military or civilian t
could not? i don't think so, please keep your comments coming and reach us at fox news have a great week and see you next fox news sunday. . >> harris: amid concerns that america has entered a third war in the middle east, word tonight the pentagon expects to turn control of the mission in libya over to our allies in a matter of days. i'm harris falkner, we're live with a special edition of fox report. >> it's just the beginning. >> the u.s. and allies, now seeing the effects of a full scale military operation to stop libya's leader, muammar gaddafi. >> and effectively he hasn't flown any in the last few days, i would say the no-fly zone is effectively in place. >> harris: that was 24 hours ago, and tonight, fox reports live from tripoli. what our journalists on the ground are seeing now. plus, life saving supply already running low in japan's devastation zone. now traces of radiation found in even more food sources. but a month a frantic rush to contain a nuclear disaster. >> earthquake survivors pulled from the wreckage. we're live from japan where a new day begi
in the city there. adam, what can you tell us about the nuclear concerns there? >> reporter: yeah, here is at the fish market, the japanese coast, 70 miles away from the first reactor you're talking about, the one that caused the problem the last couple of days before the new reactor up the close from there caused problems and people were talking about the threat at that does exist around this entire region because the fact you have three separate reactors that people are extremely worried about. that evaluation area we're told is about 15 miles in circumference. and up to 200,000 people for sure have already been evacuated and the government says maybe as many as 300,000 will be evacuated and we do know that there are at least 19 scientists on at least one site where they're going through and checking each person being brought out to see what kind of radiation con tamation they've been exposed to. >> yeah, adam, we've been seeing video of some of that radiation testing going on. where do you put more than 200,000 people who were evacuated in the middle of an earthquake zone? >> well, w
for much . mariah will be keeping us updated. her name geraldine ferraro. she accepted the nomination for vice-president and declared america as a land where dreams come true for awful us. geraldine ferraro has died. we look back at her life and also true tonight on the fox report. also on the fox report. depun fire piercing the libyan sky but this time in celebration after libyan rebels retake the city from qaddafi foreses . now allied fighter jets provide a game changing boost the commander-in-chief prepares to address the nation. >> our message is clearr qaddafi's attacks on civiliance must stop. tonight a report from tripoli and washington. plus, did newt gingrich drop a bomb shell? he is in the state that make or break presidential ambition. we are live in iowa . he feared he would be gunned down just as brut yawlly as the officer he murdered but the suspected cop killer had the upper hand. >> he had hostages and if we didn't meet his demands his life would be in danger. what the police did to guarantee lives wouldn't be lost. >> she changed history. she was the first woman to ru
that serve real people. that doesn't mean it's wrong. but we better get used to it. that's it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next week. >> a fox urge fire on an oil rig platform in the gulf of mexico and the coast guard rushing to the rescue. i'm harris faulkner and this is the fox report. this video of the rig on fire just coming in. we're told this oil production rig is not active right now. arena, the company that owns it, shut it down. it's located 50 miles off grand isle, louisiana. this happened just a short time ago. i was on the phone with a coast guard in new orleans a short time ago and they told me two men who were working on the inch survived. they used a life capsule to get away from the flames. what you're watching is the rescue that the coast guard put forth because they sent out a helicopter and hoisted those men up into the chopper and now those two men are hospitalized in a place near new orleans, we're told. since then, crews managed to put out the fire. the scare coming as the gulf coast still hurting from the deep water horizon explosion
or traveling 12 miles from the fukushima nuclear power plant should evacuate immediately. >> the u.s. military is on the way with supplies. what kind of assets do we have there. >> at this moment seven are headed to yapan including the uss ronald reagan . the u.s. has 30,000 troops stationed there. there is video of marines preparing to leave the home base to go to main land japan with rescue equipment and assets. here is defense secretary robert gates. >> we have the ronald reagan closing in on japan right now. we are sending another big deck ship and pulling in helicopters from around the region including okanawa and so on . they can be used for helicopter operation and humanitarian disaster relief. >> as far as the american citizens in japan. military and civilians, so far the u.s. government has no reports of serious injuries or deaths, harris. >> lots of reports of people unaccounted for. they will need help with search and rescue and the japanese government is asking for him. help. >> yes, one team from virginia and california are headed to squapan. 12 trained dogs and they'll arrive in
or the coast of oregon or washington, or hawaii, so that's a little bit of good news for us here in the u.s. so we don't think that this earthquake was powerful enough or of enough magnitude to bring a wave over into our coastline, but still very imminent threat out there for japan and that's the location of the earthquake is similar as well to the last earthquake that did hit, that we have had amazing amount of damage. you can see on the satellite image not a lot of cloud cover through the country of japan. some clouds off to the west and we will have a new approaching storm system though and this is going to be bringing in some concern for additional cleanup efforts or radioactive vapors that may be in the atmosphere and headed to wednesday, but for monday and tuesday the problem is going to be the very cool air in place, nighttime temperatures just before the freezing mark, dangerous for anyone caught outside and sunshine, monday and tuesday and temperatures gradually warming up by tuesday, but wednesday when the next system will be moving on and as far as wind direction, harris, we know tha
. it describes him as a predator who watched his victims and used guns, knives and screwdrivers to overpower them. the first attack in 1997. the most recent in 2009. on halloween night when he forced three teenagers on their way home from treater treating and sexually assaulted two of them, one texted for help. thomas is held on bail of 1 million-dollar and will be arraigned on monday. he's been charged with sexual assault and burglary in the first degree in new haven as well as two counts of rape in prince william county. virginia. prosecutors are trying to work out which district the trial will take place. >> thank you very much. geraldo rivera is on the story and he'll have more on the suspect tonight on at large at 10:00 p.m. eastern here on fox. >>> fierce have street battles in libya raise fears of a massacre. western libya today, rebels flying their flag from the muzzle of a tank. celebrating control of a major city 30 miles outside of libya's capital. the opposition claims they beat back pro-qaddafi forces after a surprise attack. fighters declare their next stop of the heart of qaddafi r
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8